Digital commerce or e-commerce has revolutionized the market. It turns out that you can buy anything online. Every product in the world is available to you at your fingertips. We at Mapple Interactive is here to lead your business to success in the digital commerce industry whether you are already selling online or just taking the first step. Taking your product online might seem confusing at first. But with the right support and guidance selling online will turn out to be a piece of cake. And that’s what we do for you; we design websites which will turn each viewer into a customer. Over UI and design will make people more attracted towards your product. We will guide you through all the processes and act as a consistent backbone for your business. Our job is to design, develop and run an ecommerce website for you which will maximize your normal business. Each and every step taken by us will be only after thorough researches and studies done on your business and customers. Our digital marketers know exactly what makes customers to buy online and that’s what they will do exactly with your e commerce website

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Shopify is an e-commerce solution we use to build a secure and easily manageable ecommerce platform for your business. Shopify comes with numerous number of unique themes and other plugins to make your e commerce website stand out from your competitions. Shopify has it all from product management to payment gateways. If you are looking for a reliable e commerce platform then shopify is your best option.


Opencart is an e commerce management platform based on PHP. It uses a MySQL database and several HTML; components. Open cart is pretty simple to start and easy to manage during the long run. Unlike Shopify open cart is an open source platform and it’s completely free. Open cart also offers hundreds of extensions to choose from.

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is a plugin for word press for e-commerce solutions. The design and themes part is left to you or your word press theme, but every other solution and support needed for your e commerce site is provided by the woo commerce plug in. Woo Commerce is free and an open source platform. Woo Commerce can be integrated into any platform which you are already using.


Magneto has the most number of features available for an e commerce platform. Everything from marketing your business to customer relation is included in Magneto. When it comes to features given by Magneto this list becomes endless. Magneto is easy to use even if you are new to e-commerce platform development. Magneto doesn’t have any readymade template for your online store. But if you know what you are doing the tools available in Magneto are more than enough to create an e-commerce site that will put your competitors out of the game.


Request a consultation to find out how MAPPLE INTERACTIVE can transform your business.

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